Westchester Academy Baseball

12th Annual Baseball Equipment Drive 
For Underprivileged Youth

“Homerun Hopefuls” is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, established in 2003. The organization seeks to help underprivileged children enjoy the sport they love: baseball.

Baseball is the national sport in the Dominican Republic. Almost all children play it, but much equipment. Most Dominican kids have to share one bat with twenty other players or one glove with three other players, for example. Many leagues must also use miscellaneous markers instead of real bases.

We are seeking to collect: baseballs, baseball mitts, bats, batting gloves, hats, baseball pants and uniforms, helmets, catcher’s equipment, cleats and sneakers. Wearable daily clothing is also accepted.

The equipment, sneakers/cleats, and clothing will be collected at the Westchester Baseball Clinics on Saturday March 1st and Saturday March 8th. 
The donations will be hand delivered to Dominican youth baseball leagues throughout the country this summer.

This drive is being organized by StephenBrand who can be reached at sbrand@riverdale.edu.  For further information about Homerun Hopefuls visit our Facebook page or website. Thank you for your support!